Ice Hockey Slot Review

Ice Hockey Slot Overview

Ice Hockey Slot

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Ice Hockey Slot Features

  • Picking Game
  • Free Spin Round
  • Large Jackpot


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Full Review

Ice Hockey is an interesting type of slot machine game, which has been designed and developed by Playtech. The theme of this Ice Hockey game is international Ice Hockey, and more specifically, a match between two international teams. The first thing a player will do is pick the home side and the away side, and all of the icons on the reels will then corroborate to either the home or away sides chosen by the player. The home symbols will then payout left to right, and the away symbols in a right to left position.

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How to play Ice Hockey slots online

This slot machine game contains 5 reels, and upon those reels sits 15 paylines that can be turned on or off as the player wishes. There is an auto-play feature included in the menu bar, but unless a gamer intends on wagering more than one consecutive spin, it isn’t relevant.

Players can begin wagering by click on the bet per line button. Bets vary from £0.01 at the lowest stake, upwards with £0.05, £0.10, £0.25, £0.50, £1, £2, up to a maximum of £5 per line, per spin. This makes the smallest wager possible in this slot, a lowly £0.01 for a single line spin. The most a player can stake IS £75.00 per spin, which all paylines activated.

As mentioned, the icons in the slot, all take on the adopted colours of the teams chosen by the player at the start of the game. Typically, the high playing cards make up the low icons, with each one coloured ice blue, and containing sportswear from a hockey game. The better paying symbols are the hockey players, and there are three of each nation selected, so three away and three home players.

Ice Hockey bonus features

This simply titled sporting themed slot machine game contains its logo as its scatter symbol. The scatter icon will award scattered wins if more than one appears anywhere on the reels. 2 scatter icons are worth a single coin payout, whilst 3 and 4 scatter icons cough up payouts of 5 and 25. Finally, payouts, of 125 coins are available for players who accumulate 5 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels.

The free games are the colour of the two selected nation’s flags, each with “free spins” written on them. Should they appear anywhere on reels 1 and 5, 12 free spins are awarded, with only one team on the ice at that time. That team will be based on whatever nation’s flag you gathered during regular play to win the free spins.

The wild symbol

The goal is the wild icon in this video slot. The wild icon substitutes itself for all symbols a player may need to complete a decent winning payline, with the exception of the scatter, bonus and free games icons.

The Pass The Puck Bonus

If a player manages to bag every single player of a specific nation on the reels, then they will unlock the Pass The Puck Bonus. This bonus is a simple multiplier bonus, whereby the player will have their total bet multiplied by three. The Pass the Puck bonus is a lot easier to gather than it might initially sound.

The Ice Hockey jackpot

The jackpot to be won in this slot game is the wild icon. When five wild icons appear on a winning payline, then the player will be paid out the 10,000 coin top jackpot in this slot. Smaller numbers of wilds also pay out decent sums though, with 1,000, 200 and 10 coin payouts available for 4, 3 or 2 wild icons, respectively.

Other notes on Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is unique in the way that it required players to choose from a number of national sides before they begin play. It is also quite amazing that all of the icons in the game alter their colours, based on who you have chosen. The payouts alternating from left to right and right to left are also very nice features to have in this slot.

Ordinarily, the graphics used in this slot wouldn’t exactly be what anybody might call impressive. However, they do seem to work, and for hockey fans out there, this is about as close to being a top hockey game any other hockey themed slot on the market.

It’s not short on bonus features, is fairly cheap to play and has a more than decent jackpot. You can’t really for more than that from a sports themed slot can you?

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