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Spamalot Slot

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Spamalot Slot Features

  • High Payout pecentage
  • Multiple Bonus Games
  • Large Jackpot


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Full Review

This witty and ingenious slot machine game is of course, a fully licensed slot machine by Playtech, based on the hugely popular Monthy Python franchise. Although countless decades have passed since Monthy Python was released, that hasn’t stopped this slot being a runaway success. Based on the quest for the Holy Grail, and is created with hilarious graphics, absolutely top notch audio and classic comedy that could very well have come from Eric Idle himself. If you thought the Monty Python movies were hilarious funny, you simply haven’t seen anything yet. Let, the Spamalot lot you on a quest with Sir Robin, Sir Galahad, King Arthur are more, to seek the treasures of the grail.

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How to play Spamalot online

This Monty Python themed slot machine is played across 5 reels and has 20 magical paylines for you to enjoy, which can be adjusted as a player sees fit, with the lines +/- button, next to a similar button that controls the line bet. This slot is available in almost every Playtech casino in the internet today.

Speaking of line bets, the line bet varies from £0.01 up to £5.00. With 20 paylines that are adjustable, that makes the minimum wager in this slot machine game a lowly £0.01 per line, per spin, and the maximum wager a non-exactly hefty £100 per spin.

If one excludes the high playing card icons, which in typical Playtech fashion, try to dominate the landscape of the reels, there are some really good icons in this slot. The lady of the lake is one foxy symbol that is worth a decent payout. Sir Lancelot, Sir Robin and Sir Galahad make up three of the other top paying icons, whilst King Arthur himself, is of course worth a top payout, should a player accumulate five of him on a payline.

Spamalot bonus features

The scatter icon is a desert with rain clouds above it. If you can’t find that, you needn’t worry, as it also has Monty Python’s Scatter written across it too, in yellow and red. The scatter icon offers free games with random wilds when three or more of them are located anywhere across the reels. Three scatter icons also hands out 3x scattered wins, whilst 4 or 5 of the scatter icons pays up 15x and 250x scattered wins.

The wild symbol

The Holy Grail itself is the wild symbol in this slot machine game. The Holy Grail icon substitutes itself for all symbols except the bonus, scatter icon and two Holy Grail Jackpot icons. Should a player fail to win the top jackpot in either of the two Holy Grail Jackpot games, they can still pocket a respectable 5,000 coin jackpot, by accumulating 5 wild icons on a payline.

The 4 Bonus Games

When a player locates the bonus symbol (a cloud with feet sticking out of it), on reels 1 and 5, the bonus round begins. There are 4 bonus games, including Storm The Castle, None Shall Pass, Knights Who Say Ni and Killer Rabbit.

In Storm The Castle, players must select one from six spots to place their knight, and avoid being hit by a flying cow. The bonus round ends when you are hit, and you’ll pocket a prize for every cow you dodge

In the None Shall Pass Bonus, players begin with a multiplier of 5x, and they must cut off parts of the Black Knight. The multiplier will drop when you miss, until you lose after the fourth miss. You are awarded cash prizes for every limb cut off.

The Knights Who Say Ni bonus requires players to pick their own cash prize, with the option of changing twice before the decision is final.

Finally, the Killer Rabbit bonus allows players to throw rocks at a killer rabbit. For a miss, a Knight is killed. Once the player is out of knights, the bonus round is over.

The 2 Spamalot jackpots

There are two jackpots in this slot game. Both can only be triggered by the free spins bonus round. Players must pick from a number of animals to move forward, on a six-tiered game. One the final level, players will either win the Holy Grail Jackpot, or the Slightly Less Holy Grail Jackpot. The more players have wagered, the better their chances of success in the jackpot round. The player is required to hit the correct and corresponding symbols in the free spins round to trigger the jackpot bonus round.

Other notes on  Spamalot

A hilarious slot machine game, there is not a single thing that gamers will not love about this slot. Even non-Monty Python fans (such as myself) will find this slot hilarious, and quite unlike anything else being offered in online casinos at the moment. Even if Monty Python doesn’t tickle you, let’s not lose sight of the fact that Spamalot is a twin progressive jackpot slot, and cheap to play one at that!

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